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"SOUSHRUTAM– An International Research Journal of Pharmacy and Plant Sciences" established on July 2012 is an online journal of two science disciplines, Pharmacy and Plants. Both these disciplines on the surface seem to be a faraway relation but on contrary these two disciplines are running parallel since evolution of the human consciousness in Science and Nature. The plants formed the base as both food and medicine for the survival of the humans through millions of generations. In fact, plants are maintaining the 'Homeostasis' of our Mother Earth.
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Volume No : 7 Issue No 6

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Pharmacy, a multidisciplinary highly advanced science is a great reflection of the Human Intellectual in the field of Health. Global sufferings of the humans are going to be relieved only through the Proper utilization and development of this Science which should be safe and economical.
With a first of its kind website a sincere effort had been made to get these two disciplines together for the welfare of the mankind and it strives to improve the scientific knowledge in the students and professionals in the various fields of Pharmacy and Plant.
The aim of “Soushrutam-IRJPP” is to publish Peer Reviewed research articles, Review articles and Short communications in the fields of Pharmacy and Plant sciences. This is an online journal having full access to the research and review paper.
The articles submitted will be published after approval from the reviewers. The main aim of the journal is to promote and support the Students, Research scholars and Professionals in the field of Pharmacy and Plant science to share authentic scientific knowledge in order to unveil the Mysteries of our "Mother Nature", to maintain harmony in the form of Health to all beings. The scope of the journal includes the following:
Pharmacy : Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Novel Drug Delivery, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacology, Pharmacogenomics, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Molecular Drug Design, Nanotechnology, Cell biology, Pharmacy practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Biochemistry.
Plant Science : Botany, Agronomy, Economic Botany, Cell and Tissue Culture, Phytochemistry, Paleobotany, Horticulture, Molecular Biology, Taxonomy, Endangered Plants, Medicinal Plants, Aromatic Plants, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Hormones, Seed Biology, Plant DNA Repair, Concepts of Target cells in Plant differentiation.